Anonymous asked: I'm so glad to hear about UMICH!!! you made a similar post about Pitzer though, what made you not want to go?

There were a lot of reasons that went into my decision, particularly all the benefits a larger university has to offer. I also really wanted to be surrounded by many different types of student, and I felt that Pitzer had so many like minded students it would be hard to stimulate a dialogue because everyone agreed on so much!

Anonymous asked: what made you commit to michigan?

So many things!

The second I stepped foot on campus I knew it was my school. I love the school spirit and the fact that no one goes to Michigan and doesn’t have the time of their lives. I love the academic rigor and curiosity the student body has. I love the immense options offered in terms of extracurriculars and clubs. I love how, being in Stamps which is only 600 kids, I get the benefits of a small school while being inside a 25,000 kid university that has the entire world to offer. I love the different types of people on campus. I love the town of Ann Arbor. I love the personal touches they put into my acceptance and how often Karina, head of admissions at the art school, reached out to me and made me feel like she truly cared whether I attended. I love the art the school puts out. I love that my cousins and family are 20 minutes away from campus. I love how we don’t have to declare a major in Stamps but just focus on any art that compels us. I loved the party I went to on Saturday night, and I loved getting pizza at 3 in the morning with my cousin who is only 3 days younger than I am. I love the culture and museums on campus. I love the college town. Basically, I love it all and I am truly obsessed with the fact that I get to attend.

Anonymous asked: If you don't mind why are you and Alex not together any longer? I don't want to pry, I'm just curious. Hope all is well :)

It was many reasons bundled into one. Distance was growing gradually more difficult/less rewarding and we were both stressed about our own individual lives and took that stress out on one another. We were going to have to go over 2 months without seeing one another, and even so our lives were headed in very different directions with him in Southern California and I going to Michigan and staying in the midwest. It just wasn’t the right timing for us

I’m so proud to say that I’ve committed to the University of Michigan and will be attending the Stamps School of Art and Design this fall!

Modern art, man

It’s crazy how much can change in a year.

At this point last year, I was miserable. I dreaded going to school everyday, my relationship was falling apart, I had gained a handful of weight, and I had (literally) no friends except my boyfriend. My autoimmune disease was absolutely debilitating and I was going into the hospital on a biweekly basis whether it was in the ER or for blood tests, sometimes 15 tubes at a time. 

Now, I am so deeply happy. So much in my life is going well right now. I have my autoimmune disorder, for the most part, under control and my life doesn’t revolve around swelling or pain. I have a group of friends that I love to death and couldn’t be more grateful to have in my life. When Alex broke up with me last week they were at my door to bring me to breakfast and watch Never Been Kissed within 10 minutes of me texting them, and then were here for me this weekend to take me out and let me go crazy. I go to a school that makes me happy and academically excited, and I don’t dread getting up every morning. I get invited to parties and I don’t feel like a nuisance. I have a job that lets me take home free bread, cupcakes, pastries, and tea. I got into my two top choice colleges within one day of the each other, one of which has continuously reached out to me even though they’re a large institution. Though Alex and I aren’t together any longer, I have so many other wonderful things in my life that are going the way I always hoped they would.

This time last year I never could have envisioned this being the path my life would take. That being said, I couldn’t be more grateful that this is the road that I am on. I couldn’t imagine better or more caring/fun friends, a more supportive family, a cuter dog, more amazing colleges to choose from, or a body that supports me the way mine does now. It’s fucking incredible to feel like this.

I felt pretty this day


I got into Chapman !! I even got an art talent scholarship :)

Chicago zine fest haul !!! I am so amazed by the talented artists in this city and so grateful to have been able to support them.