Quiescent: A quiet, soft-spoken soul.
Courtney: a girl with a quiescent soul and a laugh and voice as loud as thunder.

At the University of Michigan and the livin is easy.

Anonymous said: Hello. I love looking through your works and I'm incredibly pleased that you will be going to UoM because I live near there too! Since I am starting my college applications. I was wondering if you could tell us how you listed your 5 awards (since you have so many) and how you organized your 10 activities. Thank you so much! :) Have the best of time in UMich. They have fat squirrels that are wonderful.

Hi! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, I was on vacation and didn’t have much time to be around my computer, but I’m here now! I’m so excited to be going to Michigan, you have no idea. 1 week from today :)

In terms of organizing my awards, I didn’t heave near enough spaces to list them individually. To remedy that, I chose only the most significant awards and grouped them together, each including multiple years. So it went a little something like this:

  1. National Gold Medal, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (2) 2012, 2013
  2. National Silver Medal, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (3) 2010, 2013
  3. Regional Gold Keys, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (13) 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014
  4. Regional Silver Keys, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (7) 2011, 2012, 2013
  5. Chicago Academy for the Arts Best In Show, poetry (2) fiction (1) 2011, 2012

Then for my ten activities, I mostly chose to highlight the activities that I felt encapsulated my passions the most! I chose to list multiple poetry and journalism publications under that section, as well as my after school jobs (such as working as a camp counselor, an aid to an autistic child, and a program assistant at a park district for children with mental, physical, or emotional disabilities), and the clubs I was involved in at school. I also included my experience in attending Feminist Camp under that section as well, as it counts as volunteer work :)

hope that helps! good luck my friend 

Little bumblebee

Little bumblebee

My best friend, boyfriend, and fellow adventurer went off to school yesterday and saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I miss him already, with my whole heart.

To keep my mind distracted I watched the sunset with Lindsay and Joanna, ate froyo and sushi (oddly, in that order), took a bath with Joanna, and stayed up to watch the sunrise. Today I invited my grandma over to bake a peach pie from the peaches she had gotten at the farmers market.

I go to Michigan in a week, I’m sad but I will be ok. We both will.

My poor baby 😔

In case you were wondering, the jersey shore was wonderful.

Hello from the jersey shore / my new glasses !

Anonymous said: What colleges did you get into

I got into University of Redlands, Chapman University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Pitzer College, California Institute of the Arts, University of Michigan’s Stamps School of Art and Design, and University of Oregon.

I didn’t apply to, but was recruited by, the School of Visual Art, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art!

happy days at lollapalooza

~iggy azalea. lorde. eminem + rihanna. grouplove. the head and the heart. outkast~

wishin i could have been there sunday to see flume, chance the rapper, childish gambino, skrillex, and flosstradamus, but i’m very happy to be in the jersey shore. 

lindsay isn’t represented enough in this photo set and it makes me sad so linds i hope you know i love you

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Anonymous said: what did you write your college essays about? the prompts just came out today and i'm excited to get started, but i don't know how to begin!

I definitely felt that way when the prompts first came out! It’s honestly a very overwhelming process, but at the same time it’s super exciting and the start to a new chapter, which is super awesome.

I wrote my common app essay on how my father being sick frequently while I was growing up affected me. I focused on how it made me mature faster than other kids, and how it forced me to not take anything for granted. I also spoke about how though my father has been my protector my entire life, that role can also be reversed and I can help and protect him in his time of need, and how that’s sort of what family is about. Additionally, I wrote it in short story form, which I think helped me stand out from other applicants!

Let me know if you need any help writing or brainstorming!

I had the immense pleasure of seeing two of Frida Kahlo’s paintings today at the museum of contemporary art! I also was able to see some of the other exhibits on display.

Today Malcolm and I went on a date to the art institute. 

Never in my life have I had someone so willing to go on adventures with me. I’m so grateful to have this kid by my side, even if it’s only for another 33 days.

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Anonymous said: I'm so proud of you for fighting your demons, you give me hope <3

Thank you so much, you kind soul.

3 years free today.