Quiescent: A quiet, soft-spoken soul.
Courtney: a girl with a quiescent soul and a laugh and voice as loud as thunder.

Today Malcolm and I went on a date to the art institute. 

Never in my life have I had someone so willing to go on adventures with me. I’m so grateful to have this kid by my side, even if it’s only for another 33 days.

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Anonymous said: I'm so proud of you for fighting your demons, you give me hope <3

Thank you so much, you kind soul.

3 years free today.

hair from pitchfork; wild

happy pitchfork music festival!

~Sun Kil Moon, Giorgio Moroder, Beck, Twin Peaks, Cloud Nothings, Pusha T, Danny Brown, St. Vincent, Neutral Milk Hotel, Earl Sweatshirt, Schoolboy Q, Real Estate, Grimes, Kendrick Lamar~

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"I thought I wouldn&#8217;t hate my body so much if I turned it into art" part 2.

"I thought I wouldn’t hate my body so much if I turned it into art" part 2.

Watercolor doodle of Mary Oliver&#8217;s wise words.

Watercolor doodle of Mary Oliver’s wise words.

"I think what I will miss most about home is the sound of your sweet voice saying my name"

"I think what I will miss most about home is the sound of your sweet voice saying my name"

Anonymous said: could you describe your writing process, esp. for poetry? how did you "learn" to write? c:

My writing process has changed considerably over the years, but I’ll describe it as it is now!

Back when I was in school for writing, I had to write 3 poems a week. During that time I would sit down and force myself to write until an idea came from me. That was a very stressful process for me and I didn’t feel satisfied with my work because it felt forced.

Now that I am not in school for writing, I let poems come to me. Whenever I feel inspired to write I sit down at my computer and write without holding anything back. Back when I was in school for writing I censored myself a lot and now I work hard not to do so and just let myself be honest.

After I have gotten a draft down I will reread it many times and remove/add things as I see necessary. Generally, the transformations my poems go through from first to last draft is minuscule. I think that the original idea is the most authentic and holds the most emotional weight, so I try not to stray far away from that.

I have been writing my entire life, but I didn’t ‘learn’ to write until I went to the Chicago Academy for the Arts. There I was a writing major and had writing classes like fiction, poetry, workshops, and screenwriting every afternoon. We had readings and attended readings and writers conferences. At CAA I learned the formal elements of writing, but writing has always been apart of me.

As you all know, for a bit now I have been in a creative rut. However my inspiration has been flooding back full force lately, and I’ve started a summer sketchbook! I intend to draw the most poignant and memorable parts of my summer in here, and I’m sure I will continue it as school starts. Here are a few excerpts, and expect more! The art blog is becoming an art blog once again :)

Sometimes, I feel really cute

Sometimes, I feel really cute

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

My first (and most likely last) tattoo.

This is the best kid

This is the best kid